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One can search exhaustively and not reach a definite conclusion when we are talking about kids and the place where they are going to spend their crucial formative years. It may perhaps help you in taking your decision if you know us a little more! Click on the above heads and find more about us!





Interactive and Intuitive

Looking to the future


The Director is a reflection of the hardwork and efforts of the staff and the students who together bring laurels to the school. APS director being awarded with the "BLACKSWAN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AWARD"  is a victory for Arwachin, not only as an institute, but as a family.

Everybody Loves Readie!

How It Works

" I had been a part of Arwachin Family for 9 years. It gave me the warmth, safety and love that one experiences at home. Be it cultural activities or everyday lectures, everything was part of a beautiful journey of my development. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the teachers and management. I am proud to be a part of the Arwachin Family"

Disha Sharma, Ex- Student

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