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Abraham Lincoln said that the three most important things in his life were "Books, books and books." At APS we understand that books have the potential to open up an altogether new dimension for the child and widen the horizon of his or her perception towards the world. Hence, we have a fully stocked library that provides  reading and reference material for the cultural activities, literary discussions, small seminars etc.


The difference between an intelligent and wise man is how much the latter has read and understood. We aim to develop the love of reading in students, a habit that is bound to help them throughout their life. Not only students, the library sufficiently fulfills the need of scholars and mentors with all possible resources required for teaching and learning.

The School library caters to the requirement of all students from 3 to 14 years. It has a range of academic books for different subjects, both for the National and the International curriculums. Also fiction and non-fiction books including classics, are available for all age groups.



The state of the art infrastructure allows us to provide efficient, well equipped with the latest technology necessary for smart classrooms, optimally lit and fully air conditioned and comfortable classrooms to our kids. The classrooms have the seating capacity of upto 40 students.


The classroom furniture comes in 4 different sizes so as to foster to the needs of different age groups of scholars. We believe that both mental and physical health of children are important. Therefore,  the furniture is ergonomically designed to keep the child’s posture straight and upright. To allow students their creative side, there are  bulletin boards and display boards of various sizes placed both inside and outside the rooms.




The School has a fully equipped Infirmary. The team of medical personnel include a full time in house Lady Doctor and a nurse.

We make sure that our scholars are not at risk in case of medical emergency as well with the help of Atlanta Hospital located in the vicinity. 

All scholars undergo a full medical examination at the start and end of every term. Medical records are maintained and an end of term medical report is handed over to all parents. 


Dining hall

We know that studies might seem to be burdensome and demanding at times. In that scenario, it is crucial to have a place where one can just sit, eat, chat and relax. Our dining hall serves this purpose.


The Dining Hall currently has capacity to seat over 100 scholars and mentors including a well serviced, modern and hygienic kitchen. 


Healthy habits and Cleanliness are highly valued. Thus,  sanitizers, separate cleaning area (for handwash etc) is provided. 

We are ardent supporters of  healthy eating habits, the School does not permit junk food and aerated soft drinks on the campus.




It can be a hassle to drop your ward to school and reach your office on time. That is when APS transportation system comes to your rescue.


 The Transport facility currently includes 6 buses that are equipped with a Vehicle Tracking System and on board cameras. This allows the School to monitor speed and location of the route,  ensuring the safety and security of scholars on board.


To look after the learners security a guard/conductor is present in the bus to make sure that  children are picked and dropped safely from their designated bus stops. Oy parents/guardians are allowed to escort kids.


We cover a wide expanse of area in literally all the four directions including Noida, East Delhi, Ghaziabad, North Delhi. 



Swimming pool


What is more fun than a watery, fun filled physical activity that you can enjoy with friends? The swimming pool at APS is childrens' favourite. It not only strengthens the shoulder and thigh muscles, but also allows them to chill, have fun. It is promoted as a sport as well and children are provided specific time slots and weekend slots for practice of swimming.


Swimming is conducted under the supervision of trained coaches ensuring the safety of the learners.


Music and Dance Room


Gone are the times when scoring well in academics was the sole aim of a student's life. After all, we want a world filled with doctors and dancers, scientist and singers! We at APS understand and appreciate skills other than academics. Hence, well equipped, state of the art  Music Room and Dance Room providing a wide range of musical instruments for learning classical as well as Western Music, Indian and western dance forma is there in order to 

 provide children with a variety of learning experiences in music and dance.

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